Our codes

Behind any successful business there are ideas and beliefs of its founders. PES exists not only due to its staff’s skill and effort, but also thanks to the experience-based work code and the well-fostered attitude towards tasks, colleagues and partners.
We hold a strong opinion that these rules must be the corner stone for any business:

  • Strategic development outweighs momentary benefits.
  • It is important to open up to the world around in order for the universe to reveal its resources to you.
  • Always think globally in time and space.
  • Go beyond the borders of one business or even one economic sector.
  • The wider a conceptual foresight, the more successful a strategy you will have.
  • Facilitate success: do not wait for ideal conditions but create them yourself.
  • Society, business and science are not means for obtaining profit. They are part of the environment where mutual development is possible.
  • Believing in what you do and those who work with you is essential.
  • Always remember that rules are made to help people, not to limit them.