Our company

The «Project Energy Systems» Company was founded in 2010. We offer our partners and clients something that no other company could offer them — we offer them choice. We give them the choice between traditional and innovational approaches, the choice between routine and imaginative solutions, the choice between «PES» and the others.
We are not like the others. The company inherited its founder’s trait: the aspiration for constant development. It is this aspiration that infiltrates all areas of our activity. We are inspired by the future as we look for new ideas, create new technology and apply non-standard approaches. Each project for us is not a routine, but a challenge. Is it possible to do the job faster, more efficiently and easier than the others? When such a solution is found, everyone wins. New experience is a higher priority for us than profit. This is why we always find the ideal balance of cost and quality. Finally, «PES» is unique due to its energy, ambitions and confidence in what we do. Our main goal today is creating a modern, effective, powerful and global company in Russia today. We strive for a company made for people and ideas, a company for the future.
Even the most prominent idea is worthless without an adequate implementation. Therefore, our main stake is professionalism. «PES» has experience in carrying out projects of any complexity level. We have created a team of truly competent experts and created a system of professional growth for young professionals. We possess a substantial research potential. «PES» is aimed at intensive development and introduction of innovations. Professionalism is not only the ability to carry out certain actions, but the unsurpassed skill to cooperate with the client. We were able to make interaction easy and very flexible. In fact, the plan of actions and the implied solutions could be changed at any stage if necessary. It does not matter which method is chosen, the set goal will be achieved.
«PES» is a global company. It is not an overstatement that we are ready to work on projects in all parts of the world. We are sure that in order to become first, we must look farthest. «PES» is capable of analytic forecasting of changes in the state of the market. We are ready for these changes even before they begin to happen. By entering WTO Russia opened its market to the world and PES is the company ready for the competition on the international level: we have deliberately been preparing our specialists for such alterations by giving them the opportunity to perfect their professional skills and adopt foreign practices. The quantity, complexity and diversity of tasks in our field are increasing every year. Our company is expanding even more rapidly.